CRM / Leads


ELMA365 provides the means to organize your sales department work at all stages: from the very first contact to a closed deal.


The Lead app allows you to separate potential clients from active deals.


Using this app, you can distribute leads among pipelines and look through the information about a potential client on a lead’s page.


Moreover, with the app, you can track leads through the stages of pipelines, indicate lead sources, and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing activities.


Important features of a lead:


  • You can create the lead within a pipeline only.
  • You can bind the lead to the Companies and Contacts apps or both of them.
  • Since the lead is bound to the Companies and Contacts app, the changes in either of the apps will be displayed on a lead’s page.
  • On the lead’s page, you can specify the product your client is interested in.
  • CRM activities such as calls, webinars, meetings, emails are displayed on the lead’s page. You can easily track your progress in fulfilling a deal with a specific client.
  • You can qualify leads turning them into deals through the system business process.
  • Mass import of leads from .csv or .xlsx file is available.


If a client is ready to buy, change the lead status to Qualified. After that, you can organize further work with this lead within the deal that has been created during the qualification process.


If the client has changed his or her mind, change the lead status to Unqualified and specify the reason why the lead was lost.


Read more about setting lead statuses in the Lead status article.

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