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Conversion of leads and deals

Leads or Deals Conversion is a chart that demonstrates the number of items that have moved from one status to another. You can see the percentage difference between the number of items in each status of a pipeline. For example, a sales department can use this chart to compare the total number of deals with the number of successfully closed ones.

The Item conversion chart could be configured not only for deals and leads but also for any app with added statuses.

To create the Item conversion chart, use the Chart widget and set it up on a separate page for easy reference.

Configure the chart

Below you can see how to configure the Conversion chart for the Deals app as an example:

  1. Create a page and click the Add Widget button.
  2. Select the Chart widget.
  3. In the opened window, click the Select App button and choose the Deals app. The additional options and the User filters tab will appear.
  1. Specify the settings:


  • Category. Select the Status option.
  • Value. Select the Number option.
  • Calculation type. Select the Item conversion option to track the number of items passed through each status in a pipeline.
  • Chart type. Select one of the available: Vertical bars, Horizontal bars.
  1. On the User filter tab, specify the app fields that will be used as a filter to create the chart. The Date created and the Pipeline fields are selected by default.
  2. Save the settings and click the Finish editing button in the upper right corner of the page.

The configured chart will show all deals created for the month preceding the current date in initial and final statuses which are the same for each pipeline.


When you select a pipeline, the chart will show all the statuses configured in it.

To change the chart settings, click the Edit page button in the upper right corner of the page, select the widget and click the gear icon.

How to read the chart

The chart includes all deals from the specified pipeline created within the selected period.

Each newly created deal is added to the New status bar. When a deal passes through a different status, it is added to the corresponding bar.

Now you can see the percentage of successfully closed deals as opposed to the total number of created ones.


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