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CRM activities

Activities for working with the CRM workspace apps such as a phone call, meeting or webinar, can be scheduled and viewed in ELMA365. You can always see what has already been done and what is the next scheduled step.

For your convenience, the activities are displayed on the page of a lead, deal or a company.


In addition, activities can be viewed in the Calendar and in the Tasks workspace, in the My tasks group. You can also enable the Show CRM tasks separately from others option. In the left menu of the Tasks workspace, the CRM Tasks section will appear, which will include activities such as CallMeetingWebinarEmail.

Adding an activity

Click +Task and select an activity from the drop-down list.


Enter the activity name, for example, “follow-up meeting”, assign a responsible employee and set the due date.

Set the duration for the Meeting and Webinar tasks by selecting an option from the drop-down list. You can also add users as the task participants. They will receive a notification to their #Activity stream. The assigned task will be displayed in the Assisting group of the Tasks workspace.


By default, the current user is assigned as responsible for the activity, but you can select any other employee instead.

How are activities displayed

Item page

The new activity immediately appears on the app item’s page. Each activity has its own icon. The completed activities are crossed out, and the overdue ones are written in red.



Each activity is automatically added to the assignee's Calendar, where is can also be viewed by the assignee's superior. Scheduling activities this way helps prevent overlapping events and makes task control easier.


Please note that you can switch between the day, week or month calendar views and choose the one most convenient for you.


By clicking on the activity's name in the Calendar, you will immediately open the item's page, where you can, for example, mark the activity as completed or reschedule it.

Tasks workspace

Activities are also displayed in the My tasks list of the employee assigned as responsible.

Additionally, you can display these activities in a separate list. To do this, go to in the user profile settings and enable the Show CRM tasks separately from others option. In the left menu of the Tasks workspace, the CRM Tasks section will appear, which will include activities such as Call, Meeting, Webinar, Email.

In the upper right corner of the task page choose the display option: a Kanban board or a Table.

Regardless of the display option, you will see the name, type and due date of the activity, as well as the app item for which the task was set.

On the Kanban board, activities are divided into columns:

  • Earlier. All pending activities assigned to the user before the current date.
  • Today. All activities set for the current date.
  • Tomorrow. Activities that must be completed the next day after the current date.
  • Week. Activities that must be completed within 7 days from the current date. Tasks for Today and Tomorrow are not displayed here.
  • Later. Activities that must be completed within more than 8 days from the current date.

You can move an activity from one column to another using the drag-and-drop method. In the window that opens when moving, you can set the deadline for the task and the date for the Week and Later columns. Please note, that activities cannot be moved to the Earlier column.


Working with activities

It is easy to work with activities right from the item's page. For each kind of activity there is a set of actions available, for example, you can mark a task as completed or reschedule a phone call. Let's take a closer look at them.


There are four buttons for managing a phone call:


  • Done. If the call was successful, click this button and enter a comment. The activity will be completed and the comment will appear in the activity stream.
  • Postpone. Specify a new time for the phone call and leave a comment if necessary.
  • Unable to reach lead. ELMA365 will offer you to select the reason for not being able to reach the lead.

This reason will appear on the item's activity stream. The total number of unsuccessful calls will be shown on the Unable to reach lead button crm-activities-9.

This way you can stop working on an ineffective lead if, for example, they haven't picked up the phone three times in a row.

  • Close Lead/Mark as lost. Select the reason why the lead is being closed or the deal is being marked as lost. The lead status will automatically change to Unqualified. The status of the deal will change to Lost.

Meeting, email and webinar

Working with these activities is pretty similar. They have two buttons - Done and Postpone.


When you click the Done button, you will need to leave a comment. With the Postpone button you can reschedule the activity.

For the Meeting and Webinar tasks you can add or change the participants by clicking the pencil icon.


This is similar to working with regular ELMA365 tasks. A task page will be created and added to the executor's task list. However, unlike regular tasks, this task is also added to the Calendar.

Please note that if instead of a task you are creating a checklist, it will not be shown in the calendar because checklists have no executor and merely serve to make planning easier. However, you can edit a checklist item and assign an executor, in such case it will appear in the executor's calendar.

Learn more in the List of tasks article.

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