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Companies app stores detailed information about the companies you work with. To go to the app, open the workspace Clients > Companies.

Important features of the Companies app:

  • Companies can be linked to a contact or a deal, or both.
  • Once a company is linked to a contact or a deal, the changes to any of these objects appear on the company page.
  • One company can be linked to several deals and contacts.
  • A company is a system app. This means that other apps and workspaces can refer to “Companies” and it can be downloaded as   an .e365 or an ELMA365Store file. .

Adding a company

A new company can be added in several ways.

  1. On the Companies app page in the upper right corner click on the + Company button.
  2. On a contact’s edit or create form click on the + plus button.
  3. On a deal’s edit form click on the + Create button.

You will have to fill in the fields on a create form when adding a new company. By default, you only need to enter the company’s name. If you wish, you can specify a phone number, an e-mail address, a website, a TIN or other data, as well as link a contact or a deal. To do this, select a name in the drop-down list or add a new record by clicking on the + Create button.  


The search bar is located at the top of the page. By using it, you can quickly find the desired company by name. You can use advanced parameters to narrow down your search. To do this, click on the corresponding icon in the search bar. In the window that opens, select additional parameters, for example, a company’s name and phone number.

If you plan to use the same set of search parameters multiple times, you can save it as a filter. You can read more about search and filters in this article.

Companies view

Companies can be displayed as tiles or a list. You can select the display mode in the upper right corner of the companies page.

For tiles, you can specify the data displayed on them, select their size, sort by different parameters and configure the display of system information.

For tables, you can configure the columns, sort records by parameters and specify the number of displayed rows.

For more information on displaying items see the Layout of App Items article.

Export and Import

By clicking on the gear icon next to the app’s name you can download the list of all companies as a file in an xcls or a cvs format. In addition, you can also import a large amount of data to the system.

For more information on uploading and downloading data, see Data Import and Data Export articles.

Access to companies database

ELMA365 allows you to flexibly configure access both to the whole Companies app and its individual items. For example, sales reps will be able to create, edit and delete records but other users will only view them.  We have described in detail the settings of restricting / granting access to apps in the Access Settings article.

Company page

You can view and edit company’s data and add a new contact or a deal on the page. The right panel allows you to create a new task and view current tasks on a company.

You can customize the page as you wish. For example, add or remove fields, make them required, add tabs, panels, additional buttons.

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can configure, add, and remove pipelines.

конец внимание

To configure, click on the gear icon and select Form Settings.

You can read more about form settings in the Configuring Forms in Advanced Mode article.

Additional tabs

Companies can be linked to other apps – those where you need to specify a client, for example, in Orders. In this case, companies will have an additional tab with the list of all orders in which a company is indicated as an ordering client.

Each linked app receives its own tab. You can edit or delete them if necessary. You can read more about this setting in the Associated items article.