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Version control and document comparison

ELMA365 provides version control feature to track change history and compare document versions. All the versions are shown on the side panel of the document's view page. You can view the list, compare the versions and replace the current version with any of the previous ones.

начало внимание

Note that version comparison is only available for .doc and .docx files.

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Add version

There are several ways to add a new version:

  1. Click on the plus version button at the top of the document page and upload the new version of the file.
  2. Click the Edit button on the document page and change the file attached to the document.
  3. You can also make changes to a document during the execution of a business process by using a script. In this case, the new version will be generated automatically.

The versions of the document are displayed on the side panel. The version number, its author, and time of creation are also indicated here.


To see a full list of versions, click on the All Versions link.


Here you can download any version and restore an outdated version by clicking the Make Сurrent button next to its name.

Compare versions

If a Document app item contain a .doc or .docx file, you can:

  • compare the current version with one of the old versions or with a newly uploaded file;
  • compare any two versions of the file.

The result will be shown in a new window.

Compare current version

On the side panel of the view page, click Compare and select one of the options:


  • With file. Upload a file of the same format and click Compare;
  • With version. Select a file version that has been added before, and click Compare.

Compare any two versions

On the side panel of the view page click All versions. In the pop-up, click doc-compare-icon next to the name of the file and select the number of the version for comparison.


Comparison results

The compared document is shown in a separate window. All the changes are highlighted; for details, hover over the highlighted text.

If you have activated Microsoft Office 365 or set up integration with OnlyOffice, you can edit the document with comparison results and then save it as a new version by clicking Add version.


The new file will become the current version, and will be displayed in the list of versions on the item's side panel.

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