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Forms of Document-type apps

The form of the document app item contains detailed information about the document. You can configure different forms for different document types. The forms are set up when the app is created.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can configure forms of the document app items.

конец внимание

There are forms for creating, viewing and editing a document.

Create form

The creation form opens when a user adds a new item of the Document type.

The main area of the form is intended for uploading a file.


The side panel features fields where users should specify the document properties. These fields are configured when the app is created.


View form

To open the view form, go to the app and click the document's name.


By default, the view form is identical to the creation form. If you want to change how the view form looks like, switch to the advanced mode.

In the main area of the view form, you will see the preview of the file that was uploaded when the document was created.

In the upper right corner, there is a button for sending a document for approval or review. You can read more about this in the help center article Sending for review or approval.

Next to the button, there is a link that allows you to open the form settings window.


The side panel displays information that users entered when they created the document. Here you can also find tasks related to the document and history of actions in the activity stream section.

Depending on the document settings, the side panel may also show:


Edit form

To open the edit form, go to the app page and click on the document's name. In the window that opens, click Edit in the bottom left corner.

On the edit form, you can delete the file and replace it with a new one, or edit the information in the fields on the side panel.


You can configure the layout of this form in the advanced mode when creating the Document app.

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