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Document versions

This widget is used to display all the versions of a document and compare the versions with each other.

By default, the widget is located on the view form of Document type apps. To learn more about working with versions on app item forms, see Version control and document comparison.

Alternatively, you can use the Document versions widget to manage versions of files stored in the Files workspace. To learn more, see Actions with files.

Also, the widget allows you to view and compare versions of files added via a File type property to items of standard apps and to task pages. To learn more, see System data types.

Edit settings of delete widget

You can edit the settings or delete the widget from the form of a Document type app. To do that, open the view form in the advanced mode. Select the widget on the side panel of the modeling canvas. Then click on the recycle bin icon to delete the widget or on the gear icon to open its settings.

Main tab


The File and File from context fields are defined automatically according to the app you are working with.

Events and System tabs

These tabs are for system settings that are the same for all the widgets. They allow you to configure a widget’s visibility and access to its data, define what happens, when the user moves or hovers the pointer over the widget, etc. Find out more in System widget settings.

To prevent users from changing the current version of the document, enable the Read only option. Please note that the restriction applies to app items of the Document type and does not apply to files.

To complete the settings, click Save. To make the changes available to users, click Save and Publish in the top toolbar.

Add widget

To add the widget to a form, drag it to the canvas from the right panel of the interface designer or click +Widget. In the pop-up, click on <Not defined> in the File from context field. Select a File property from the context of the app that you are setting up. Click Save.

To save the settings and exit the interface designer, click Save and Publish in the top toolbar.

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