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File list

The widget provides quick access to company files. It can display files from a specific folder or documents filtered by parameters — a file name, author, created date, etc.  

Depending on the granted access permissions, users can perform the same actions with the files in the widget as in the Files workspace, for example, move and rename them, add versions, create new folders, etc.

The widget is used to interface pages. To set it up, drag it from the right panel of the interface designer to the modeling canvas, or click +Widget. Configure the settings in the pop-up.

Main tab


In the View field, specify the source of the files that will be displayed in the widget:

  • If you select Folder*, you then need to specify the exact folder.
  • If you select Filter*, you need to set up the filter to display only the files with specified parameters. Click the Search by parameters icon search and set the parameters.FIle_list_filter

Events and System tabs

The Events and System tabs are for system settings that are the same for all the widgets. They allow you to configure a widget’s visibility and access to its data, define what happens, when the user moves or hovers the pointer over the widget, etc. To learn more, see System widget settings.

To complete the settings, click Save. To make the changes available to users, click Save and Publish in the top toolbar.

Use case

The page shown below has two widgets with file lists. One of them displays the files from the My files folder. The other one shows the documents from the filter configured in the widget that includes the Name and Creation date parameters.


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