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Create a folder tree

In ELMA365, you can group app items in folders. If you do so, the folder tree appears on the left-hand side of the screen, under the app’s name, and the current folder content appears on the right-hand side.

To create a folder tree, enable the Folder Hierarchy setting.



Set up a folder tree


  1. Click the шестеренкаicon next to the app name to open the app menu.
  2. Select Folder Hierarchy.
  3. On the page that opens, check the Enable folder hierarchy box.
  4. Click Save. The All filter will appear under the app name.
  5. Click the pensil icon next to the All filter.
  6. Add folders.

To create nested folders:

  1. Click the шестеренкаicon  next to the name of the folder that will contain a nested structure. The folder menu will open.
  2. Select Add Child Folder and set the name of the nested folder. You can add several nested folders in the same way.
  3. You also can create sub-folders within any nested folder. Nesting depth is not limited.

Once you’ve created and configured the folder tree, click the icon next to the All filter to finish editing.

When you export an app containing a folder tree, all the folders that have been created will also be exported. The folder tree is preserved when the app is imported to any other workspace or company.

Add an app item to a folder

Open an app item page. In the top left corner, you can see the name of the folder the app item is added to. For nested folders, the full path is specified. The All filter is displayed for app items that are not added to any folder.


To add the app item to a folder, click the pencil icon next to the folder name and select the folder you need from the list. Click Move. You can later move app items between folders in the same way.

начало внимание

Note that you cannot add an app item to a folder when creating it. Only items that are already stored in the app can be grouped into folders. To select a folder for an app item when creating it, place the Folder navigation widget on the app’s creation form.

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Folder actions

To open the folder actions menu, click the pencil icon next to the All filter. Then click the шестеренкаicon next to the name of the folder you need. A menu with available folder actions will open.

  • Rename. Specify a new name for the folder in the same manner as when creating a new folder.
  • Move. Select a folder in your folder tree to move the current folder to it.
  • Permissions. Configure access to the folder.
  • Delete. Delete the folder. All nested sub-folders will also be deleted. App items will still be available through the All filter.

Folder filters

In the folder tree, besides standard app search options, you can apply folder filters. Folder filters provide search within a specified folder. To create a new folder filter, open the search by parameters page, fill in the necessary fields and click Save as Folder Filter.


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Only users included in the Administrators group can create and edit folder filters.

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When you create the filter, it will be added to the currently opened folder in the folder tree. To distinguish folders from folder filters, names of filters are italicized.

By clicking a filter in the folder tree, the user will see all items they have access to that satisfy the search parameters. Standard filters created for the app can be applied together with a folder filter.

You can rename, move, or delete a folder filter. To do that, click the pencil icon next to the All filter. Then click the gear icon next to the name of the folder you need and select an appropriate menu item.

Folder tree on forms of other apps

Sometimes an app with a folder tree is placed on the form of another app. When you fill out a field like this or select an item, the folder tree will be displayed.

Let’s consider the following example. When making an order, the user has to specify a contract stored in the app with a configured folder hierarchy. To do that, the user clicks the magnifying glass icon in the Contracts field to select the document.

A window will open. On the left, the folder tree configured in the app is displayed. On the right, the user sees the list of all items in the selected folder.




To find an app item, specify its name in the search bar at the top of the window. The search will be performed among items in the folder you select.

Set up access

By default, access permissions are configured for the entire app, but you can also restrict access to folders:

  1. Set up general access permissions applied to all folders in the app.
  2. Configure access to a specific folder.

The All filter will display app items from all folders that you have access to.

Read more about these settings in the Restrict access to folders article.

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