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Bulk actions

In ELMA 365, you can apply actions to more than one app item at once. For example, you can bulk delete all the contracts that you no longer need, change the delivery date or status for a number of orders.

Enable Bulk actions

In the ELMA365 interface, bulk actions are disabled by default. To enable them, click the gear icon next to the app name. Select App Settings in the app menu. In the window that opens, select the Bulk actions check box.

Keep in mind that Bulk actions are available only when the Table view is selected in the app settings.

Once you have set the appropriate view, a checkbox appears to the left of each app item.

Select several app items by clicking the checkboxes in front of the item names or click the top-most checkbox in the Name column to select all the app items at once.


Once you do that, the Selected items button appears at the top right corner of the page. Click it to open the list of available bulk actions: Edit, Delete, Change status.

Bulk edit

To enable bulk edit, you need to set up a bulk edit form first. In the app menu, select Form Settings, then go to the Bulk Editing tab and select Allow bulk editing check box. Drag the fields you want to be available for bulk edit onto the form. For a contract item, for example, they may be Duration, Comment, and Supplementary Agreement.


Click Save.

Now, when a user selects Edit, he or she sees the form you’ve set up for bulk editing. All the items selected for editing will be listed on the right sidebar.In the center of the form, the fields that you’ve selected earlier will be displayed. Initially, they will be blank, and the user will need to fill them with values that will be assigned to the corresponding fields of all selected items later.

Bulk delete/restore

Select all the items you want to delete and click Selected Items > Delete. If needed, you can bulk restore previously deleted items. Click the Search by parameters icon and then click Removed at the top right corner of the page that opens. Select the items you want to restore and click Selected Items>Restore.

Bulk status change

If the app statuses are set up and you have allowed the users to manually change them, the Change status option will become available in the bulk action menu.

Click the option and you see a window with three tabs in it:

  • All items. This tab is active only if the status of all the selected items is the same. You may select a new status for them from the drop-down list. If the selected items have different statuses, this tab will be inactive, and the default tab will be the By status tab.
  • By status. On this tab, the items are grouped by status. You can select a new status for each group of items from the drop-down list.


  • Each item. This tab allows you to change the status of any distinct app item.

After you have finished changing statuses, click Save.


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