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New Leads

When you create a new lead, it is added to the selected pipeline and appears on the New page. The red badge shows the number of newly added leads. These leads are currently on the first stage of their pipelines.


The leads on the New page are displayed as a table. This view cannot be changed. If necessary, you can sort the table entries by parameters, and customize the columns by selecting the app item properties to display.  



To customize the table, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page and select Table settings.


Mass actions


On the New page you can apply mass actions to multiple leads: assign to the user, delete, move to other pipelines, or change the selected lead status if you have appropriate access rights.


To perform mass actions, select multiple leads. The Assign, Change status, Delete buttons appear in the upper right corner of the page.


  • Assign. This action specifies the sales rep for the selected items. The system will notify this employee in the activity stream that the leads have been assigned to him or her.
  • Change status. This action allows you to change the status of several leads at once. In the status selection window, you can also move leads to a specific pipeline.
  • Delete. This action allows you to delete the selected leads.

начало внимание

The Change status and Delete buttons are visible only if the current user has edit or delete permissions for the leads. Read more about lead permissions in the Access to deals and pipelines article.

конец внимание

You can filter the leads by a certain parameter and then apply mass actions to them.


To do this, in the search bar, click the Search by parameters Pipeline_iconicon. In the window that opens, select several parameters, such as designated user, pipeline, qualification type, and click Search. Then apply the desired mass action to the search results.