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Change lead pipeline view

You can change the way the leads are displayed in the pipeline. By default, they are shown as cards on the Kanban board. This allows you to track your prospects in real time.


However, if necessary, you can switch to table view. To do this, use the selector in the upper right corner of the page.


Kanban board view

Each column of the board corresponds to a certain stage of work on the lead. Clicking on the column name opens a page with a complete list of leads at this stage.


The page of each lead conatins the name of the assigned sales rep and the current tasks. If there are overdue tasks associated with a lead you will see a red dot on the lead's card; the name of the overdue task will be highlighted in red. This way you can detect the bottleneck of your pipeline and react immediately.


You can change the size of the cards, hide tasks, sort items by default, etc. Read more about it in the Kanban board article.


Table view


In the table view, you can customize the columns by selecting the item’s properties to be displayed and sort the table entries by parameters.  To do this, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and select Table settings.  


Read more about table settings in the Layout of App items article.


Leads with overdue tasks are highlighted in red.

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