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Business Processes Associated with Apps

Business processes associated with apps describe the logic of the app. For example, for the Invoice app, you can create an approval process to describe all the stages of invoice approval in your company.

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Only the users included in the Administrators group can model, configure and edit business processes.

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How to create a new process?

Business processes associated with apps are created in a similar way to the global processes.

Click the gear icon app gear icon next to the App name and select Business Process.

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You will see a page with the list of the business processes associated with the app.

To add a new business process, click + Process.

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Fill in the fields in the provided window:

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  • Name. Specify the name of the process.
  • Code. The code is used for working with API. It is generated automatically but you can edit it if necessary.
  • Parent category. Specify the folder where the process will be located. To create a new folder, go to the page with the list of business processes and click + Folder.
  • Type. You can create business processes of two types:
  • Sequence diagram. The process is described in a sequence of steps and is associated with apps.
  • BPMN. A classic model of building business processes using BPMN graphic elements.

After filling in all the fields, click Create.

The process designer page will open where you can model the process.

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Adding app statuses in a process

When setting up a business process associated with an app, you can add or change app statuses directly in the process designer on the Status tab.

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This article describes in detail how to add statuses in the app settings. In the process designer, statuses are configured in exactly the same way.

How to start processes associated with apps

After you have created the process, you can bind it to buttons on the app page and the creation and viewing forms of the items. Once a user clicks the button on the form, the process starts. bpaa 7