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This widget adds the button on a task form. By clicking on it you will open a map of the process instance associated with this task.

To configure the widget, drag it to the Form Title panel of a canvas or click +Button. Enter the settings in the opened window.

Main tab


  • Task*. This field is defined automatically in accordance with the task on which form you are adding the widget.
  • Do not check permissions*. When this option is enabled, any user can open a process map. When you disable the option, the process map view button is available to a user who:
    • started the process instance;
    • is included in the Administrators group;
    • has the Process management access permissions.

System tab

System settings are the same for all the widgets. They are used to configure a widget’s visibility and access to its data, define what happens, when the user moves or hovers the pointer over a widget area, etc. Find out more in the System widget settings article.

To finish the configuration, click Save in the upper left corner of the page.

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