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A report is a monitor tool that gathers data from multiple apps and displays it in the form of a table.

Apps added to a report are called data sources. During report configuration, fields that will be displayed as table columns are selected from these sources.

Sources are linked with each other using a common field. You can choose the type of binding, setting conditions for which items of the source apps are filtered and included in the report.

For example, you can create a report that displays information from two source apps: Orders and Invoices. To do this, add a common field to both sources, such as Contract with the App type. Then select the app properties that will be shown in the table. Bind the sources using the common field and set data filtering conditions. You can choose to display all orders and invoices or exclude items with an empty Contract field. After saving the settings, the table will show aggregated information from the source apps.

In this way, data from multiple apps can be sorted and viewed in a single interface.


Report features

  • A report is created in a workspace and functions like a regular app. You can configure the report’s visibility for specific user groups in the workspace’s left menu.
  • In a report, you can add several data source apps. These can be custom apps or built-in apps of the Standard, Event, or Document types from any workspace.
  • In a report, pairs of data sources are bound. There are two methods used to link them:
    • A common field with the same data type is added to the context of both sources.
    • In one source’s context, there is an App type field that references the second source.
  • Fields on the forms of each source must have the search and sort by field option enabled to be used for linking.
  • When connecting sources, one or multiple data filtering conditions can be established. For example, you can choose to display all information from the sources or exclude items with empty values in the common field.
  • Data from source apps is presented in the report as a table. Its display is configured when adding sources. Each table column represents a property selected by the user from the source app.
  • Columns selected in the source settings are automatically added to the report page as filters for searching. Additionally, data in the table can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
  • Data from the report can be exported to a .xlsx file using custom table export templates.
  • To visualize data from the report, you can create charts or tables based on it.

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