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The widget allows you to create an interactive report in the form of a table whose content changes depending on the user’s choices. You can use apps of any type, as well as Contracts and Reports as data sources for the table.

For instance, you can configure a table that displays summarized information on sales volumes for each manager during a selected period. The results can be filtered or sorted according to your preferences.

Configure the widget

You can add the widget to an app item form or to a page.

To configure the widget:

  1. In the interface designer, drag the widget from the right-hand panel to the modeling canvas or click the + Widget button.
  1. In the pop-up window, select a app, contract, or report. It will be the source of data presented in the table. For example, you can select the Deals app.

When you select the data source, additional options will appear in the settings window.table-widget-1

  1. Specify the additional settings:
    • Displayed fields. Select the app fields to be displayed as columns.
    • Sorting field. Select the app field to sort the records in the table.
      • Ascending order. Enable this option to sort the values of the field in ascending order. If you specified a String type field as the Sorting field, the records will be sorted in alphabetical order. If this option is disabled, the values of the field will be sorted in descending order.
    • Filter fields. Select the app properties to use as a report filter.
    • Aggregation fields. This field automatically calculates and shows the sum of all values in the column. You can only select the fields you added in the previous step. Note that the sum is calculated only for Money and Number data types.
    • Show button for refreshing items. Enable this option to display a button above the report to refresh its data.

When you save the settings, you can see the table draft on the modeling canvas. You can edit the table by clicking on the gear icon.


  1. To finish and make the table available to users, click Save and Publish on the top panel of the interface designer.

Set up access to the report

If you added the Table widget to a page, you can set up the access permissions to the configured report. To do this, configure access to the page. To do that, click the gear icon next to the page’s name and select Page Access.

In the window that opens, specify groups of users who can access the page, for example, Managers.


The table will be visible only to them.

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