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Update workspace

The Update Workspace feature allows you to automatically apply updates to a workspace from a .365 file.

For example, the order processing procedure has changed in one of the divisions of your company, and this has had a positive effect. To customize the work in other divisions in the same way, you can export the updated Workspace and use it to update the other ones. It's faster and more reliable than manual updates.


The updating procedure is similar to the importing one. However, when you update a Workspace, you make changes to the existing one instead of creating a new workspace.


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Only the users included in the Administrators group can update workspaces.

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Start update

  1. To start updating a Workspace, click workspace gear 1 next to its name and select Update Workspace.


  1. A file upload window will open. Upload the .365 file with the previously exported Workspace from your computer or from system files. Click Next.



The workspace is checked for errors. If any errors are detected, for example, duplicate pages are found, you will not be able to update the Workspace.

  1. If there are no errors, click Next to proceed wit the update.

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The system compares the existing and the uploaded versions of the Workspace. If there are no conflicts between the versions, the import starts immediately.

If there are differences between the versions (for example, a business process was edited, app settings changed, etc.), the update is paused. In the provided window you need to accept the changes and apply the new version of the file. Note that conflicts cannot be resolved individually. You need to either accept all the changes you make, or cancel the update.


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If you previously created workspace components (business processes, apps, etc.) that are not included in the uploaded version of the workspace, their absence in the new version will not be regarded as a conflict by the system. The update will not affect them.

  1. When the update is complete, a notification opens:

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