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App settings

In the app settings, you can change the app’s name, describe its purpose, or select a different icon for it. You can also edit the name of app items, change item layout, and enable bulk actions with app items.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can edit app settings.

конец внимание

To manage app settings, click the app gear icon icon to the right of an app’s name and select App Settings.

ApS 1

The App Settings window will open. It is similar to the app creation window.

aps 2

  • App Name*. Edit the app’s name.
  • Description. Specify the tooltip text. It will appear when a user working with the workspace hovers the mouse over the app’s name.
  • App URL. The link is formed when creating the app. It cannot be changed.
  • Item Name. Edit the name of an app item displayed on the +Item Name button on the app page as well as on creation and editing forms.
  • App Icon. Change the icon displayed next to the app item’s name in the workspace’s left menu by selecting a picture from the drop-down list.
  • Bulk actions. Enable this option to be able to apply bulk actions to items in the app: edit and delete them, change their status, or start business processes with them.
  • View. Specify the app item view. Two options are available: table or tiles.

The Additional parameters link opens the list of parameters used in scripts. You can read more about their use in the Additional parameters article.

When you finish, click the Save button.

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