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App items

An App Item looks like a card on the app page. App items are created by users and store the information that users enter. For example, each company added to the Customers app would be an app item. It is used to store the name, addresses, phone numbers and other details of your customers.

The app item form is configured when you add a new app or modify the existing one.  

There are three types of item forms:

  • Creation form. Opens when you click on the item creation button. To create an item, fill out the form fields.
  • View form. Opens when you click an item on the app page. It displays all the data, stored in the item.
  • Editing form. Opens when you click on the item editing button. On this page, you can edit the information stored in the item.

By default, all three forms are identical. However, in the advanced mode, you can set up different forms for creating, viewing and editing items.

In the access settings, you can specify which users can create, view and/or edit app items.


There are two ways to create an app item:

1. On an app page, in the upper right corner, click +Item Name.

AI 1

In the creation form that opens, fill out the fields and click Save.

AI 2

Learn more about how to configure the item creation form from the App item forms article.

2. Add a new app item in a business process by using the Create Item activity.


To view an app item, click on its name.

AI 3

A view form will open. On the left, you will see the information entered by a user when they created the item. The right panel shows additional system information. AI 4

Information on the side panel may vary depending on the item settings :

  • Informed users or approval sheet. If the item is sent for information, this section displays employees who approved/read the information stored in this item. AI 5
  • Status. Statuses configured for the app, if applicable. AI 6
  • Tasks. All tasks related to this app item.  Use the Current/All switch to manage task display. To add a new task or create a checklist, click +Task.

If this item is used in a business process, you will see the current and completed process tasks. An employee with access permissions to manage business processes can open the page of any process task and reassign it to another user.

  • Activity Stream. Allows quickly discussing issues related to the item and helps track the item history.

The view page also features the plus plus task button which allows you to add items of associated apps. You can read more about its settings and usage in the Creating app items on the page of another app article.


If you need to change the data stored in an app item, open its view page and click Edit in the bottom left corner.

ai 7

An item editing page will open. Make the changes and click Save.

ai 8

The app item information will be updated.

You can add buttons to an app item page and configure a business process to start automatically from the page. To learn more, read the Customizing Pages of App Items article.

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