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The Company section contains basic information about your organization: hierarchy, employees, absence schedule, substitutions, schedule compliance. The information is arranged in 8 tabs. We describe each of them below.

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On this tab you will find information about your colleagues: their job positions, contact details. By clicking on the user's avatar, you can quickly assign a task to the person or start chatting with them. If some of your colleagues are currently absent and substitutions have been created for them in the system, then next to their names you will see warnings showing the duration of the leave period.

My Department

This tab is only available to those users who were assigned to managerial positions in the company's organizational chart.

Here managers will find information about the workload of their team: current and overdue tasks, scheduled meetings and calls. If a team member is planning to go on vacation, a manager can timely reassign tasks and make sure that all work is done on time and with maximum efficiency. Also, this tab shows absent employees and their substitutes.

Learn more about My department from this article.

New Employees

Here you will see all the recently hired colleagues. To quickly find a person in the list, enter a name or a position in the search bar at the top of the page.


This tab displays all employees whose profiles show the date of birth.

Company Structure

The structure of the company defines the hierarchy of divisions and jobs in the organization. It determines how the roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated.

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Absence Schedule

The absence schedule shows all your colleagues absent for the current day. By clicking on the employee’s avatar, you will see for how long they will be out of the office and who will substitute them.

My Substitutions

On this tab, you can see who you are substituting at the moment. Read more about substitutions in this article.

Schedule Compliance

Schedule compliance represents the ratio between tasks completed on time and the total number of tasks. It is displayed in percentage and includes all tasks that have been closed by the current moment starting from the first day of the month.

On this tab, you will see your personal schedule compliance and the rates of your employees. Also, here you can download a schedule compliance report by clicking Export to XLS.

You can learn more about schedule compliance from this article.

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