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My department

On the My Department page, managers will find information about the workload of their team: current and overdue tasks, scheduled meetings and calls. If a team member is planning to go on vacation, a manager can timely reassign tasks and make sure that all work is done on time and with maximum efficiency. Also, this workspace shows absent employees and their substitutes.

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This page is  available only to those users who are assigned to managerial positions in the company's organizational chart.

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MD 1

How to find information about employees

There are three ELMA365 workspaces that provide an outline of your department's workload: Company, Tasks, Calendar.


MD 2

On the main page, click Company > My Department. You will see a list of all employees working in your department. Next to the name of each employee, you will find his or her job position, the number of current and overdue tasks, and scheduled events. For more information on tasks or events, simply click on the appropriate counter.


MD 3

In the Tasks workspace, you will see the list of your own tasks (My Tasks, Assisting, Assigned by me) and the tasks assigned to your department staff. The drop-down list on the right side of the page shows the names of the five most recently viewed employees. Switching between them, you can control their current workload, reassign open tasks and, if necessary, create new ones.


MD 4

In the Calendar workspace, you get an overview of the department employees’ schedules. If necessary, you can add a new event to the personal calendars of their team members. Controls at the top of the page allow changing the display settings: you can select either day, week or month view.

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