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Task lists

To make it easier to navigate and work with tasks, they are grouped by type:

  • My tasks. Here you will see all the tasks for which you are responsible. If a colleague assigns you a new task, a red circle with a number will appear next to My tasks.
  • CRM tasks. All CRM tasks for which you are responsible. This section is displayed only if the Show CRM tasks separately from others option is enabled in the user profile settings.
  • Project tasks. These tasks are displayed only if you have been assigned tasks in a project.

  • Assisting. This section displays tasks that require your participation at certain stages. A gray circle with a number inside indicates how many tasks you are assisting on.
  • Assigned by me. All the tasks created by you are collected here.

tasks_new_all If in the organizational chart you are assigned to the position of the department head, then in addition to your own tasks, you will see the tasks of your subordinates. Learn more in the My department article.


You can filter your tasks and view them in a convenient manner:

  • Current. Use this option to view current tasks that require your attention.
  • All. You will see a list of your current tasks,as well as the tasks that you/your colleagues have ever performed, sorted by the date. If the name of the task is crossed out, it means that is has been completed.
  • Completed. This option is only available for CRM tasks. It shows all the previously completed CRM tasks.

Tasks on these pages are displayed as a Click on the table's columns to sort the tasks by subject, author, creation date or due date.

For CRM tasks Kanban view is also available. The tasks in kanban columns are automatically sorted by start date. The tasks with an earlier start date are shown first.

In task lists, next to the tasks with a specified due date you will see dots of different color. A black dot means that the task is not overdue, a yellow dot means that less than a day is left before the task's due date, a red dot appears next to overdue tasks.

Read more about the My tasks section in Working with tasks. Task page. The Assigned by me section is described in Task control options.

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