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Associated activity stream

In ELMA365 you can comment and discuss files, tasks, and app items directly on the their pages in the associated activity stream. This guarantees that important comments will not be lost in personal chats, since all the information is shown on the object's page and is always available for users. In addition, in the associated activity stream you can share files and @mention users.

Task activity stream

To ask a question about a task use the task's activity stream.

You can write in the activity stream of any task located in the My Tasks, Assisting, Assigned by me sections. This feature is available to the author, executors, approvers, and participants of the task. Messages are shown in the associated activity stream of the tasks as well as in the #Activity stream of each user participating in the conversation.





File activity stream

To open the activity stream of a file, open the file preview page and click on the file icon icon in the upper right corner. In the side panel, you will see the file's activity stream. Use @mentions to draw a coworker's attention to your comment.


Messages that you and your coworkers leave in the file activity stream are also shown in the #Activity stream of all the participants of the conversation.

App item activity stream

You can work with the app item activity stream in a similar manner as with the activity stream of a task or a file. To write a message, open a workspace, select an app item and click on its name. On the page that opens, on the side panel, you will see the activity stream.

Leave a comment, and if necessary use @mentions. AAS 4

You can subscribe to an app item's activity stream if you want to receive notifications about all the messages posted there. To learn more, see App item.

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