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Data Export

You can export data from an app. For example, you can download a customer database, orders, invoices or other documents. The data is saved to an .xlsx or .csv file, which allows you to import data into other programs in the future.

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can download data.

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export 365

To start exporting, click on the gear icon to the right of the app name. In the drop-down menu, select Data - Export App Data.

In the provided window, specify:

  • Data format. You can save data to .xlsx or .csv file.
  • Export system information. Select this option to export system fields, codes, and identifiers in complex data types. It will allow saving links to related objects if in the future you plan to import data into another ELMA365 app. Suppose you need to export a list of customers. The Customers app also has links to agreements and sign-offs. If you download the app with system information, then later, after importing data into ELMA365,  all agreements and sign-offs will still be displayed as links on the app item page.  
  • Export filtered data. Select this option to export data that you have previously selected by certain parameters through a search or filter. For example, it can be contracts filtered by date of conclusion.

начало внимание

Only app data can be downloaded. Filters, images, files, tasks, comments will not be exported.

конец внимание

When exporting, all app fields are downloaded. If the app form has been configured in the advanced mode, then the entire app context will be exported.

The file with the exported data will be saved in the Downloads folder on the hard drive of your computer.

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