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Create, View, and Edit tabs

Switch between the tabs to modify the app's properties, change the design of each app form (creation, view, and edit) and select fields that will be displayed on tiles.

Create tab

On this tab, you can set up the creation form on an app item.


Set up the form:

  1. Drag the properties from the Context column to the Name on form column. Each property in the Name on form column stands for a field on the page, which the users will have to fill in when creating a new item.
  2. To rearrange the fields on the form, user drag-and-drop.
  3. You can mark properties as required required-fields-icon and as read-only read only.
  4. To add a new property, click +Add. The new property will appear in the Context column and on the Context tab.

Display of properties

You can define how the property will look on the page: edit its name, add the tip, and mark the field as required or read only.

To do that, click on the property's name in the Name on form column and edit the parameters in the provided window.


The General settings tab has the following fields:

  • Property. The name that you specified when creating the property. It cannot be changed.
  • Name on form*. The name that the users will see on the form. You can change it if needed.
  • Tip. Additional information that explains to the users how to fill in the field on the creation page.
  • Required. Check this box to make this field a required one.
  • Read only. When this box is selected, users will not be able to edit this field on the item creation form.
  • Hide if the field is empty. This box is available only for read-only fields. If such a field is left empty, it will not be shown on the form. Note, that this setting is not available for app-type properties.

If the form has a field of the App type:

  • the Read only option is enabled by default so that the user is able to quickly create an item of a bound app. In the is case, a plus icon is displayed on the form;
  • in order for the user to select an app item from the list of those that already exist in the bound app, disable the Read only option. You can narrow the search for app items by settings up search by parameters. To do that, go to the Add item tab that has appeared and enable Allow selecting only form the list of existing items. Then click Set up columns of the list and edit the table settings the same way as for any app. For example, when setting up search parameters for agreements, add the Contractor parameter. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the Agreement field on the form, the user will open the search by parameters form with the Contractor column. Additionally, you can set up a button for adding new app items. To learn more, see Creating app items on the page of another item.

After the creation form is set up, click Save in the upper right corner of the page.

It is possible to hide the names of the fields from the form and instead display only the contents of these fields. This can be set up in the interface designer when editing the form template. To learn more, see Form template.

View tab

On this tab, you can customize the item view page.


The view form is set up in the same way as the creation form. Since users do not need to perform any actions on a view page, the fields on this form cannot be marked as required.

By clicking on the name of the property, you can change some of its parameters. For example, edit the name on the form or add a tip.

App properties have an additional Properties tab. It displays the context (properties) of the app.

For example, the Legal entity app has such properties as the Name, Details, and Director. properties are displayed.


You can add them to the item view form.


To apply changes to the creation form, click Save in the top right corner.

Edit tab

On this tab, you can customize the item edit page.


This form is configured in the same way as the creation form.

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