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Create an app item on the page of another app

When working in ELMA365 it is useful to link apps, for example, Contracts and Supplemental Agreements. By placing a link to the Supplemental Agreements app on the form of the Contracts app, you will be able to create new supplemental agreements directly from a contract's page.

Consider a different example. The HR department uses the CV and Interviews apps for working with candidates. An HR specialist can open a CV and immediately organize a new interview with this candidate. He or she would only need to click the plus plus task button on the CV's page instead of going to the Interviews app.


The new interview entry will appear both on the CV's page and in the Interviews app.

Link apps

Let's use the example mentioned above to see in more detail how to work with linked apps.

Link the CV and Interviews apps: add a new property to the CV app's form, name it Interviews and select the Interviews app in its settings. You can read more about form settings in the App page forms and System data types articles.

Since we want users to be able to add several interviews to the page of one CV, select the Multiple option in the CV's settings. Otherwise, users will only be able to add only one interview.

Please note that if the Bound apps setting is enabled, the plus plus task button will be unavailable.


Once the form is configured and saved, users will be able to create new interviews directly on the CV's page.

начало внимание

The plus button is only available to those users who have permissions to view the current app item or create a new item.

конец внимание

Button for adding app items

There are two ways new app items can be created when a user clicks the plus button:

  • manually by filling out a form;
  • automatically, by executing a business process.

You can specify how you want the app items to be created or to hide the button if you do not want users to add new app items in such a way. To do that, open the view form of the CV app and switch to the advanced mode. Note that you cannot configure this button in the standard mode. Read more about working in the advanced mode in the Configuring forms in advanced mode article.


Click on the name of the Interviews app in the list of properties.


In the provided window, open the Adding item tab.


To hide the plus plus task button from users, uncheck the Button for adding a new item option.

Specify how new items should be created, manually or automatically during a business process. Select the required option in the Button for adding a new item drop-down list.

In our example, there are three available options: <Standard creation>, + Interview and Interview candidate.

  • <Standard creation> is the default option that is not related to the particular app's settings. When a user clicks the plus plus task button, a standard window for creating a new interview opens.


The user fills in the fields, and the interview is added both to the Interviews app and to the CV's page.



  • + Interview. This option works the same way as the button for creating app items located on the app page. It is very useful if you have configured default values for new items. In this case, some fields will be prefilled, so work will go faster and with fewer mistakes. Let's say that there is a Candidate field in the Interview app. You can set it up to be prefilled automatically with the candidate's name taken from the CV.


You can read more about automatically prefilled fields in the Default values for new items article.

  • Interview candidate. The Schedule interview process is tied to the Interviews app. During this process, a new Interview item is created.  If you enable this option, then the plus button will launch the Schedule interview process. It looks like this: the HR specialist selects a date for the interview; the Head of the department that is looking for a new employee approves the date, prepares materials for the interview, and the interview is added to the calendar.


On this step, the new Interview item is created. It is added both to the Interviews app and to the page of the CV from where the process was launched.

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