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Business processes involving contract items

Contracts can have as many source apps as you need. Field values from each source app are passed to the contract’s fields. As a contract’s and its source’s fields are linked, you can set up a business process involving a contract and run process instances to work with items of each source app. To do that, you need to add each source app to the process context.

Let’s say you created the Documents contract and added multiple apps from different workspaces to it (Supply agreements, Supplier invoices, Additional agreements, etc.). You can use this contract in the Archiving documents business process and launch a process instance for any app item from any source app if it needs to be archived.

Configure a business process involving a contract

It is recommended to associate a business process like this with the workspace that stores the contract.

To configure a business process with a contract, do the following:

  1. Click the gear icon next to the workspace’s name and select Business processes. In the window that opens, click the +Process button. Enter the process’s name and click Create.
  2. In the business process designer, open the Context tab. Create an App type field. Click Select App and choose the contract you created.
  3. Build and publish the process. Learn more about creating processes in the BPMN Processes article.
  4. Note that to run process instances for items from all source apps, you need to add a button that starts the process to their forms. Learn more about this in the following article: Customizing Pages of App Items.

Using the default app

During a business process, you may need to change an app item’s status or create a new item in an app. You can only do it with the source app that is selected in the Contract settings as the default app. This app’s settings will be used as the main ones in the process. If no default app is selected in a contract, you won’t be able to use the Manage Status and Create App Item activities in processes involving contracts.


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