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Event app items

An Event type app is a calendar, so its app items are scheduled events. You can create, view, edit, and delete events as well as change their statuses.

The create, view, and edit forms of events are configured when creating the app or later when editing form settings.

Note that the events added to an Event type app are also added to the the personal calendars of all the participants.

Schedule an event

начало внимание

Only Administrators and users with permissions to create app items of this app can create new events.

конец внимание

There are two ways to create a new event:

  1. Double-click on a cell in the calendar.
  2. Click on the +Item name button in the top-right corner of the page (for example, +Interview).


The create form will open. The fields on the form are determined when creating the app or editing form settings.


Fill out the fields and click Save.

The event will be added to the calendar.

If you are trying to schedule your event for a date and time that has already been booked, a warning message will appear.

View an event

Click on the event in the calendar to open its page:


Here you can review the information about the event, edit the event, delete it, or change its status.

Just like for a regular app, you can add buttons to the page of an Event and set up automatic process start. These actions are only available to users included in the Administrators group. To learn more, see Manage buttons on app item pages.

Edit an event

To edit a scheduled event:

  1. Click on the event in the calendar.
  2. On the events page, click Edit.
  3. Change any fields that you need to.
  4. Click Save.

If you only need to change the start date, simply drag the event to another calendar cell. The end date will be recalculated automatically.

Delete an event

To delete an event:

  1. Open the page of any event.
  2. Click the 12.png icon and select Add the "Delete" button.

The Delete button will appear on pages of all app items in the app. You can use it to delete any event if necessary.

To find a deleted event, click СК_10 in the search field and select Removed.

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