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Export a solution

You can export a solution to transfer it from one company to another or to upload it to the ELMA365 Store catalog.

How to export a solution

To start exporting the solution, click the Add Workspace button on the main page in the left menu.

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In the window that opens, go to the Solutions tab. Click Export to the right of the solution's name.  

Next, in the window that opens, click Start Export.

Step1. At the first export step, the solution is checked for links to global system objects.

If such links are detected, a corresponding notification will be displayed. You will not be able to export the solution until the links are removed manually.

If there are no links with global system objects, the following notification will be displayed:

To continue the export, click Next.

Step 2. At this step, choose a solution export option: Export to ELMA365 Store or Export to file. The further steps depend on the option you select.

Export a solution to a file

In order to export the solution to a file, click the Export to file button.

Step 3. Fill in the information about the exported solution.

  • Name*. Specify the solution's name.
  • Description. A description of the features and specifics of the solution.
  • Solution apps. This unit contains all the apps, pages, links, and separators, included in the solution. If necessary, you can add descriptions to them.

To continue exporting, click Next.

The solution will be exported to a file. To save the file to your PC, click on the link in the opened window.

Later you will be able to import the file to another company.

Export a solution to ELMA365 Store


To submit a request to publish your workspace in the official ELMA365 Store catalog, click the Export to ELMA365 Store button.


Step 3. Specify the information on the solution you are exporting.

  • Name*. The name of the workspace which will be displayed in the official ELMA365 Store catalog;
  • Description. A description of the features and specifics of the solution;
  • Screenshots. Attach the solution screenshots that can illustrate its capabilities;
  • Link to video. If necessary, add a link to a video, which demonstrates how to work with this solution;
  • Language. Select the language used in the solution;
  • Category. Select the categories to which the solution belongs;
  • Version. If you are exporting a new version of a solution which is already published in ELMA365 Store check the box This is a new version of an existing ELMA365 Store solution. In the window that opens, specify the URL of an existing ELMA365 Store solution;
  • Solution apps. This unit contains all the appspages, separators, links, and business processes included in the solution. If necessary, you can add descriptions to them.

To continue exporting, click Next.


Step 4. Sign in to ELMA365 Store with your login and password. If you don't have a ELMA365 Store account, click Register to create one.

Check your Company information. If it is correct, click Publish.

If the solution is published successfully, you will see a corresponding notification.

After that, the solution will be checked by a moderator and published in the official ELMA365 Store catalog.

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