Service portal / External users

External users

External users are people who are not employees of your organization but can access ELMA365 using the service portals interface. You can give these users limited access to system data and allow them to start business processes, create app items, etc. To do that, you need to add the necessary buttons and widgets to the portal’s pages.

To grant external users access to the portal, you need to activate a package of user licenses. To do this, contact the sales rep you worked with when purchasing the system. Once activation is completed, you can track the number of licenses that are available or in use in Administration > License management. Read more about working with user licenses in the Licensing article.

List of external users

You can find the list of external users in the System apps workspace. Here you can track user statuses, search within app items by parameters, lock a user, and add a new one.


New users are automatically added to the External users system group. It is convenient to use the group when configuring access permissions to the system’s workspaces and apps or selecting executors in a swimlane.


For each user, you can set up their own set up individual access permissions to folders and app items located on the portal. Read more about configuring user access in the Access Settings article.

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