Service Portal / External Users

External Users

External users are people who are not employees of your organization but can work in ELMA365 through the service portal interface.

You can give them limited access to system data and allow to start business processes, create app items, etc.


For this, you need to add corresponding buttons and widgets to the portal pages.


Additionally, you must enable the user license pack to allow external users to access the portal.


To do this, contact the sales rep from whom you purchased the system. Once activation is completed, you can track the number of free and occupied licenses in Administration > Licenses. Read more about working with user licenses in the Licensing article.


The list of external users is displayed in System Apps. Here you can track user statuses, search within app items by parameters, lock a user, and add a new one.


New users are automatically added to the External Users system group. It is convenient to use the group when setting access to system objects or selecting executors in a swimlane.


For each user, you can set up their own set of access permissions to folders and app items located on the portal.

Read more about configuring user access in the Access Settings article.


An external user must receive an individual invitation link to log on to the service portal. If the portal status is set to Inactive, the user will not be able to view pages.


Locking external user account


If necessary, you can restrict access to the service portal completely.


To do this, go to System Apps > External Users. Open the profile of the desired user and click the Lock account button at the bottom of the page.


After that, the account status on the user page will change to Locked. The user will not be able to log in to the service portal.


Note that only users with the Active status can be locked.


The status of the user account remains Not registered until the user logs in to the portal for the first time.


Unlocking external user


If you want to restore user’s access to the portal, go to System Objects > External Users. Search for the desired user. Open the user’s page and click the Unlock Account button.


The unlocked user can log in to the service portal.

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