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Generate from File

generate_file_)The Generate from File element uses a file from the context of an app or a process as a template to create a document. This is especially useful for cases when you have to choose from various templates when creating a new document.

Let's say there is an app that stores different types of contracts with corresponding templates. Each new contract is generated from a template depending on its type. On the task page, the employee enters order details, selects the contract type from the app and sends the contract for further processing. In the course of the process, the contract file is created at the Generate from File step from a template of the selected type. This contract can be used further in the process.

To learn more about the syntax used in templates, see Template syntax.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can set up the Generate from File element.

конец внимание

Set up the Generate from File element

On the process page, go to the right pane and open the System elements tab.

Drag the Generate from File element to the process diagram and place it in the spot where you need the system to create the document.

Double-click on the shape to open its settings.


  • Name*. Specify the name of the operation as it will be shown on the process diagram.
  • Input file *. Select the file that will store the document template. Only File variables can be selected. The compatible file formats are .docx и .xlsx.
  • Output file*.  Select the file that will store the created document. Only File variables сan be selected.
  • Name of the output file*. Enter a name for the output file. You can use process variables and the DateTime function. To add a variable, click {+} on the right side of the field. To use DateTime, click f(x). You can read more about using the DateTime function in Item name.
  • Convert to PDF. Enable this option if you want the document to be created as PDF.

After having filled out the form, click Save.

The input template file is stored in the app context. The newly generated file is saved into the variable that you have specified as the output file. Add this variabe to a task form or use it in a script in order to give users access to the file.

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