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Install ELMA365 Standard

ELMA365 Standard edition can be installed on Kubernetes-in-Docker (KinD). This installation option is straightforward and allows you to run a local Kubernetes cluster using a Docker container node.

The installation consists of three steps:

  1. Install Docker for your operating system.
  2. Download the installation script and fill in the configuration file.
  3. Run ELMA365 Standard installation script.

First ready the ELMA365 On-Premises Standard system requirements.

Step 1: Install Docker

Install Docker for your operating system.

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Please be aware that KinD does not support creating a Kubernetes cluster with Cgroups v2. Refer to the documentation for possible errors.

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Step 2: Download the installation script and fill in the configuration file

Upon the first run, the installation script will create a configuration file named config-elma365.txt in the directory from which it was executed.

  1. Download and run the ELMA365 installation script to create a configuration file by executing the following command:

sudo curl -fsSL -o elma365-installer-docker.sh https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/latest/installer-docker && \
sudo chmod +x elma365-installer-docker.sh && \
sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh

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To create a new default configuration file, rename the existing configuration file config-elma365.txt  and run the installation script with the --new-config flag.

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  1. Make changes to the configuration file config-elma365.txt prepared with the installation script.
  1. For a quick start with ELMA365 Standard, uncomment and fill in the necessary variables.

Filling in the main parameters in the configuration file config-elma365.txt may look like the following:



  • ELMA365_HOST= is the IP address of the host machine through which the ELMA365 Standard application will be accessible. For details on creating a FQDN, refer to Modify ELMA365 Standard parameters;
  • ELMA365_EMAIL=admin@mail.com is the administrator's email address;
  • ELMA365_PASSWORD=test is the  administrator's password;
  • ELMA365_LANGUAGE=en-US is the language of the installed system.

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If Docker is installed via Snap, you need to uncomment and change the paths to folders/directories for the parameters: ELMA365_INSTALL_DIR, ELMA365_BACKUP_DIR, for example:

  • ELMA365_INSTALL_DIR=/mnt/elma365/docker;
  • ELMA365_BACKUP_DIR=/mnt/elma365/backup.

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Filling in connection variables to the proxy server

For more information on config-elma365.txt configuration file parameters, refer to Modify ELMA365 Standard parameters.

Step 3: Run ELMA365 Standard installation script

The volume of downloaded files during ELMA365 Standard installation is approximately 4-5 GB, and the installation time is around 10-15 minute.

  1. Run the downloaded installation script:

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh

Once installation is complete, a message about the successful installation of the ELMA365 Standard application will be displayed in the script.


  1. Launch the browser and open the ELMA365 Standard application login page at http://ELMA365_HOST. The ELMA365_HOST parameter was specified in the config-elma365.txt file on the Download the installation script and fill in the configuration file step.

In the provided example, the following application login page address is used:

  1. For login, use the administrator's email address and the password that was used in the config-elma365.txtconfiguration file under the parameters ELMA365_EMAIL and ELMA365_PASSWORD.

In the provided example, they are::

  • Loginadmin@mail.com;
  • Passwordtest.
  1. Click the Sign In button.
    The ELMA365 system activation window will open.
  1. Fill out the form, check the box at the bottom of the form to agree to the terms of the user agreement and privacy policy.
  1. Click the Try 2 weeks free button.

After this, the ELMA365 application window will open.

The offline installation of ELMA365 Standard has been successfully completed.

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Save the config-elma365.txt file for future updates.

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