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Install ELMA365 to Docker

ELMA365 Standard edition can be installed in Kubernetes-in-Docker. This installation method allows you to run a local Kubernetes cluster using a Docker container node.

  1. Before installing ELMA365, you need to install Docker for your operating system.
  2. To install ELMA365, run the following command:

sudo curl -fsSL -o elma365-installer-docker.sh https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/latest/installer-docker && chmod +x elma365-installer-docker.sh && ./elma365-installer-docker.sh

  1. The first time you run the installation script, it will create the config-elma365.txt configuration file if it doesn't exist. You can also run the installation script with the --new-config key to create a new configuration file.
  2. Open the config-elma365.txt configuration file for editing, uncomment it and fill in the necessary variables.

sudo nano config-elma365.txt

  1. Run the install command again using the script you downloaded earlier.

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh

  1. After that, the installation process will start. It takes 10-15 minutes. If the installation is successful, the following message will appear: The ELMA365 application was successfully installed. Visit http://ELMA365_HOST (user/pass: ELMA365_EMAIL / ELMA365_PASSWORD) [with parameters specified in step 3].


The update is performed in the same way as the installation.

Go to the command line on the server. Run the following command:

sudo curl -fsSL -o elma365-installer-docker.sh https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/master/latest/installer-docker && chmod +x elma365-installer-docker.sh && ./elma365-installer-docker.sh

The installation script will use the existing settings in the config-elma365.txt configuration file. If this file doesn’t exist, the script will get the current parameters from the running container and create a configuration file with these parameters.

The system will ask you to confirm the action. After that, the update process will start.

Make the ELMA365 data dump before the update. Select the [B]ackup now option by pressing the B key at the following update step:

Be sure you have made data backup before update. Choose: [B]ackup now (default), [C]ontinue, [E]xit.

The dump will be saved to the /backup folder with a Time Stamp Protocol.


To delete the entire installation, run the installation script with the --delete key:

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh –delete


To reinstall ELMA365 (all data will be deleted), you need to run the installation script with the --reset key:

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh –reset

Backup data

начало внимание

While creating a backup, ELMA365 services are stopped and the application becomes unavailable.

конец внимание

To create a database backup, run the installation script with the --dump key:

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh –dump

The dump will be saved to the /backup folder with a Time Stamp Protocol.

Restore data

To restore data, follow these steps:

  1. Install ELMA365 on a new server.
  2. To restore data, run the installation script with the --restore and --path /backup/<backup-folder-name> keys:

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh --restore --path /backup/<backup-folder-name>

Available commands

To view a list of available commands, run the installation script with the --help key:

sudo ./elma365-installer-docker.sh –help


Create a new installation config-elma365.txt configuration file


Install ELMA365


Update ELMA365


Backup the database to the /backup folder with a Time Stamp Protocol


Restore a database backup from an archive


Reinstall ELMA365 (all data will be deleted)


Delete ELMA365 (all data will be deleted)

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