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Linked emails

This widget is used to display emails from an inbox connected to ELMA365 directly on app pages. For more information on how to link emails to an app see Connecting email to an account.

To add the widget to a form, switch to the advanced mode and open the interface designer. Find the widget in the right pane and drag it to the canvas. Alternatively, you can click the +Widget button on the side panel of the form. The settings window will open.


The App Item* field is filled in automatically with the app that you are currently working in.

System settings are similar for all widgets. They allow managing access and visibility, configure widget's behavior on hover, etc. To learn more, see System widget settings.

Now click Save. In case you placed the widget on the form's side panel, you also need to enter a header for this widget in the settings window.

To apply your changes and exit the interface designer, click Save and Publish in the top toolbar.

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