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Add apps available for linking

You can link emails from the Email workspace with different app items in the system. The Leads and Deals apps are available by default. To link emails with items from other apps, a user included in the Administrators group needs to add them to the list of available apps in Administration > Email > Link settings.

Linked emails will be displayed on app item view forms even after an email is disconnected from an account. This allows you to store the entire history of communications with a customer in the system. Read more about it in the Link an app item with an email article.

To add an app available for linking, follow these steps:

  1. Open Administration > Email > Link settings.
  2. Click +Select App and choose an app from the list (for example, Contacts).


You can add only five different apps from the system to this list.

  1. To specify which fields of an email will be displayed on an app items page, click Configure context. In the window that opens, match the email’s properties with the apps fields. You can use this feature to pass data from the following fields of an email: Subject, Message, From, To, Copy, Attachments, and Date. Note that you can only match properties of the same type. For example, you can pass the name of the sender or the email’s body only to a String type field of the app.
  2. Click Save.

начало внимание

Linked emails are displayed on app item forms in the Linked emails widget. When you add an app for linking into the list, you will need to place the widget on the view form of the app to be able to see linked emails.

конец внимание

You can delete an app you added to the list by clicking the email-link-settings-2 icon next to its name. After that users won’t be able to link emails with app items from this app, but existing links will stay intact.


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