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Link an app item with an email

To save all important information from customer emails and make it available to your coworkers, you can link emails with ELMA365 app items.

For example, you can link emails about contract approval to a deal created in the system. Emails will be displayed on its page, and users who have the permission to view the deal will see all communications with the customer on the matter. Access to linked emails won’t be lost even if the email address they were sent to is disconnected from the ELMA365 account.

начало внимание

By default, only the Leads and Deals apps are available for manual linking. To link emails to items of other apps, contact your administrator.

конец внимание

Additionally, there is an option for automatic linking of emails with contacts. Read more in Configure linking emails with app items.

Link an email to an app item

To link an email to an app item, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Email workspace and go to the page of the email you want to link.
  2. On the top panel, click + Link with app.
  3. Select the app to link the email to.


  1. In the window that opens, click the magnifying glass icon and select the app item that the email will be linked with. If you have a permission to create app items in the app, you will also be able to create a new app item by clicking + Create.


Check the option Change the list of linked items for future emails in the thread so that all further correspondence is displayed on the item’s page.

  1. Click the Add button.

The linked app item will be displayed on the email’s page above its body. One email can be linked with several app items from different apps.


You can open an app item’s page from the page of the email linked with it. To do that, click the app item’s name in the Linked app items section.

Delete a link with an app item

To delete a link created manually or automatically, click the cross next to the items name on the email page. A confirmation window will open.


To unlink all subsequent emails from the item following the email, check the option Delete link to the item for the future emails in the thread.

Confirm deletion by clicking Delete.


Display emails on app item forms

To display emails on app item pages, the Linked emails widget is used. This widget is added to the forms of the the Leads, Deals, and Contacts apps by default. For other apps, the administrator needs to manually add it to the view form so that emails are displayed on app item pages.

All employees who have a permission to view app items in the app will be able to read the linked email.


To see the whole email, click on the text on the right panel of the app item’s page. The email will open in a new window.

If the email is part of a thread created by using the Reply and Reply to All buttons, you will also see earlier communications with the client. When creating a link between an email and an app item, subsequent incoming and outgoing emails will automatically be linked to it.

In the email window, the user whose email address the email was sent to can also open it in the Email workspace by clicking Go to Email.


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