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Manual search for duplicates

The system features manual check for duplicates. It is meant for the items that were added to the system automatically, for example, through a request form on your website. It is also convenient when searching for duplicates created manually by your employees.


The “Duplicate search result” tab


To search for duplicates, click the gear icon next to the app name and select Duplicate settings. Click the Duplicate search result tab and then click Run check. The system will check all items within the app. The list of matches will be displayed in the tab as a table.


Detected duplicates can be processed directly in this list or individually. In both cases, it is done in the same way.


Suppose, you check a company added through a request form on a website and find that this company already exists in the system. The company appears in the duplicates table on the Duplicate search result tab. To see which fields match, click the value in the Percentage column next to duplicate’s name.


Search results are divided into pages. To quickly open the desired page, click on its number.



You can adjust the view of the table if needed. To do that, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the duplicates table. In the window that opens, select the table fields that the system should display and save the settings.


You can process the duplicate by selecting one or more entries from the table. Once selection is done the Merge, Not a Duplicate, and +Add item buttons will appear.

  • Merge. Click this button if you want to merge the duplicate with the main item. A mapping table will open, where you can mark which item is the main one and which is the duplicate. Here you can also set a new name for the merged item.


Select which of the items will be considered the main item. The fields you select will be displayed in the Merge record column. You will see them later on the main item page. You can also enter a new name for the merged item. Once you've set the desired merge result, click the Merge button.


  • Not a duplicate. Click this button if the created item is not a duplicate. The item will be considered unique.
  • +Add item. By clicking this button, you can manually add another main item to the list and match the duplicate to it.


If you have selected the Merge option, the result of the merge will be displayed on the pages of the matched items in the Duplicates widget. On the side panel of the main item page, you will see the names of all its duplicates.


On the duplicate page, there will be a note that the item is merged with another item.


In addition, after merging, the value of the Duplicate system field on the matched item page will change to Yes. This field is not displayed on the form by default, but you can add it manually in the Advanced mode.


If you have selected the Not a duplicate option, the item will be considered unique. It will no longer show up when you check for duplicates on the Duplicate search result tab.


The +Add item option allows you to select an additional app item that was not determined to be a match when checking for duplicates. After adding the item to the general list of duplicates, you can process it.

Processing duplicates on an app item page

If you have added the Duplicate widget to the form of the Company app, it is possible to process the duplicate from the page of the matching item.

To do this, open the duplicate’s page. On the side panel, you will see the following message: "Duplicate: 100%. Matches: 1". There is the More button next to it. Click this button and you’ll see the same table as on the Duplicate search result tab. The table displays the information about the main app item and each matched item: the match percentage, item name, etc. There can be several matches at the same time.

Process each duplicate as described above.