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Live Chat Notification

live-chat-notofication-elementThe Live Chat Notification activity is used to notify clients in messengers or live chats directly from business processes. The activity is placed at the stage of the process where we need to inform the clients, for example, about accepting their warranty claim.


The system sends such a message automatically without involving an employee. Before proceeding with the activity setup, make sure you have connected the live chat to a messenger.


Set up the activity

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can configure the Live Chat Notification settings.

конец внимание


Make sure that you have added an app containing an account-type filed to the process context and that this app is bound to the line. It is necessary to set up such an app beforehand to determine the message recipient later.


Drag the activity onto the business process diagram and place it at the appropriate step. Open the activity settings by double-clicking on its shape.


Main tab


Specify the activity name, then use the Send to setting to select whether messages will be sent through the integration or using the app. When the Integration option is selected, you can send notifications to all the live chat sessions. Conversely, when the App option is selected, you can send notifications within the specified session only.


There are different configuration options for each variant of Send by setting.



In this section, you need to define the live chat through which notifications will be sent and specify the recipient.



Sender. Select a live chat from the list. It includes both chats connected to instant messengers and those intended for internal clients. If the chat is connected to more than one messenger simultaneously, you can select only one of them.


Recipients. Specify the notification recipients. To do that, click the + sign in the right corner of the field. The drop-down list containing all the process context variables appears. Select the app-type variable with account filed bound to the live chat specified earlier in the Sender field. For example, the app that stores client profiles or the one that accumulates client requests.



Select the app bound to the live chat through which the notifications will be sent. This app is displayed in the To register messages field of the live chat settings.






Suppose we store the client requests in the Warranty Claims app. Each claim is handled through the process, during which we need to inform the client about work progress. The client will receive the notification in the messenger he or she previously used to address the live chat operator. Since we used the Live Chat Notification activity, ELMA365 will notify the client who is specified in the claim by sending them a message.


If a suitable app does not exist, click Create a new variable to create one.


Other settings

The rest of the settings are the same for Integration and App option groups:


  • Message text. The text of the notification that will be sent to your client. You can include the a variables in the text, for example, to insert a comment, warranty claim number, or the order arrival date. To add a variable, click + in the top-right corner of the field.
  • Associated object. The activity stream to store the notifications is specified here.
    • Current process. Notifications will appear in the activity stream associated with the process instance.
    • Context variable. Sometimes you need to display notifications in the activity stream associated with a specific object, for example, an app. Select the variable containing such an object here. Unless the variable is specified, notifications will appear in the process activity stream  


Error Handling tab

An error may occur when sending the notification when, for example, ELMA365 fails to determine the recipient. Define how the system should behave in this case.

To do that, go to the Error Handling tab.


  • Retry. Select this option to resend the notification.
      • Number of retries. Specify how many times the system will try to send the notification.
      • Retry delay(sec). Specify the delay between the attempts.
  • Notification. Select the Notify users on error to inform particular users about the error. By clicking the +Add button, you can select the current executorcontext variable, for example, the initiator, as well as a group or an org chart item. Please note that the current user is the person who completed the task located prior to the live chat notification activity on the diagram.
  • Interrupt. In case of an error, ELMA365 will not attempt to send the notification again and will resume the process. You need to select a connector to specify which process branch should be activated.

Once you have completed the activity setup, click Save and publish the process.

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