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Create a live chat

To create a communication channel for your external and internal users, create an set up a live chat.

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Only users included in the Administrators group can create and configure live chats.

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To add a new live chat:

  1. Open the Live Chats workspace. Follow the Wizard's instructions if you are creating your very first live chat.

Alternatively, you can go to Administration > Live Chats and click the +Live Chat button.

  1. Fill in the required fields.


  • Name*. Enter a name for the new live chat;
  • Operators*. Select groups of employees who will work with requests in the live chat;
  • Supervisors*.  Select groups of employees who will supervise the operators in the live chat. They have access to live chat settings and can assign incoming requests to specific operators.
  1. Click Save.

A window  opens featuring the following tabs: Settings, Messengers, Inbox .

Settings tab


  1. In the Apps section, define which apps will store information about customers who have contacted you through the live chat:
  • To bind account. Here you can link the live chat with the app that will store the data about the customers who messaged you. Operators will be able to create app items and fill them with customer information without leaving the live chat. On each session page of the live chat, in the Customer Information panel, the app name and the +Connect button will appear. The operator will be able to click this button and create a new app item. Please note that here you can only select an app that has a field of the Account type in its context.
  • To register message. Here you can select apps in which the operator will create items when communicating with a client in the live chat. For example, in this way, you can register complaints, requests for technical support, etc. On each session page of the live chat, in the Customer Information panel, the app name and the +Connect button will appear. The operator will be able to click this button and create a new app item. You can make several apps available for the operators, but all of them must contain a field of the Account type.
  1. In the Customers section, in the Internal field, specify groups of internal ELMA365 users who will be able to use the live chat. If you are connecting a live chat with third-party messengers to communicate with external clients, do not need to fill out this section.
  1. In the Routing section, you can specify the employees who will work with requests in this live chat and set the priority for the distribution of sessions.
  • Rule*. Set up the distribution of sessions among employees.
    • First response.  The chat will be assigned to the employee who will be the first to take it into work.
  • Operators*. Groups of employees who will work with requests from the live chat. You can change the list of groups if needed.
  • Operator's name. This setting appears when you fill in the Internal field mentioned earlier. There is a Show check box here. When it is checked, the name of the chat operator is visible to the user. Otherwise, only the name of the live chat is displayed.
  • Supervisors*. Groups of employees who moderate the live chat. You can change the list of groups if needed
  1. Save the settings.

Now employees can write to the live chat from ELMA365, and the operators can process the request in the ChatDesk workspace.

Messengers tab

An internal chat in ELMA365 is not the only way to use live chats. On the Messengers tab, you can also connect the live chat to one or more instant messengers.

This way you can, for example, create a support channel for your customers or partners. Customers will use their favorite messengers to interact with you, while your operators will be able to reply directly from the ELMA365 chat.

Read more about integration with instant messengers in the following articles:

Inbox tab

Here you can connect your email inbox to the live chat; the incoming emails will then be converted into new sessions. This way you can collect requests from your corporate email and communicate with customers directly in the ELMA365 interface.

The following email services can be connected: Gmail, Outlook, Office365. Also, you can set up an integration for an email with an individual domain using SMTP and IMAP. Read more in Connect an email to a live chat.

Business Processes tab

You can set up a process to start automatically from a lice chat. This can happen when:

  • a new session in created;
  • a new message from a customer is received;
  • a session is close.

To set up automatic process launch, select a business process and map the process input fields with the fields of the Live Chats app.

You can also launch a process manually during a conversation right from the session's page.

Processes help operators work faster by automating some of the operations. For example, a process can be used to automatically add and process a new lead when a session is created.

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