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You can use this widget only for the Leads and Deals apps. It is added on the side panel of a form and allows you to move a deal or a lead from one pipeline to another. When moved, the item is assigned the initial status of a selected pipeline.

начало внимание

Only users who have the Edit access permissions can move app items between pipelines.

конец внимание

To configure the widget, drag it to the canvas or click +Widget on the side panel of a form. Enter the settings in the opened window.

Main tab


The Object* and App* fields are defined automatically.

System tab

System settings are the same for all the widgets. They are used to configure a widget’s visibility and access to its data, define what happens, when the user moves or hovers the pointer over a widget area, etc. Find out more in the System widget settings article.

To finish the configuration, click Save and Publish in the upper left corner of the page.

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