CRM / Deals


With ELMA365 it is easy to track your deals throughout different pipelines. The data is always at hand, you can open a deal's page and view the customer company's name, contact person, revenue forecast, current status, etc.

Here is how the Deals app work:

  • Deals can be created only in a certain pipeline.
  • You can link a deal to a contact or a company, or both.
  • Deal activities such as phone calls, webinars, and emails are recorded on the deal's page. This way you can track the customer relationship through the whole sales process.
  • Since a deal is linked to a contact and/or company, any changes made to one of the latter will be shown on the deal's page.
  • You can import deals into ELMA365 in CSV or XLS.
  • You can track the progress of your deals with the deal dynamics and revenue forecast reports.



You can create a deal by converting a lead. To do that, you need to qualify the lead. This way you can keep working with one customer throughout the entire life-cycle from capture to the actual sale.

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