Access permissions in ELMA365 / Access to a workspace

Access to a workspace

A user with permissions to access a workspace can interact with the apps that belong to the workspace. Access permissions can be set up when creating the workspace or later in its settings.

Access is granted to groups of users only. A user who is not included in such a group, will not see the workspace, its apps and folders in the left menu. He or she will be able to interact with app items only if given direct links.

When a user tries to access the workspace or its apps, these workspace permissions are checked before any others.  

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can change the visibility settings.

конец внимание

To configure workspace access, click the gear icon next to its name and select Workspace Access.


In the window that opens, specify the user groups for which the workspace will be displayed in the left menu.


For example, the HR workspace must be displayed only to the HR department employees. Select the HR Department group and save the changes.

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