Access permissions in ELMA365

ELMA365 offers multiple access levels. It allows you to configure access to workspaces and apps stored in them, as well as to customize permissions for folders and app items.

When a user tries to access an app or its items, their permissions are checked in the following order:

  1. Access to the workspace the app is stored in. Here access permissions are assigned to groups of users. Users not included in a group specified in the access settings cannot access the workspace, its apps, or folders. They can only work with app items of the workspace if they open them using direct links.
  2. Access to the app. Here permissions are also granted to user groups. Users not included in the specified groups cannot access the app or its folders. They can only work with the app’s items if they open them using direct links.
  3. Advanced access settings in the app. These settings allow establish specific access permissions for individual users, groups, and org chart items. There are three levels of access settings:

Read more about how these settings work together in the Access settings combinations article.

Note that access settings in the system are inherited from parent items. This feature can be disabled.

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