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Subtasks and checklists

In ELMA365, you can create subtasks and checklists for any tasks including the process ones. This is a convenient tool that allows you to break down larger tasks into smaller ones or divide up the work among multiple people. Use it to plan and track progress.

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You can create subtasks and checklists not only for tasks but also for files and app items.

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Create a subtask

Employees work with subtasks in the same way as with standard tasks. A subtask has its own deadline, executor, and even subtasks. The number of hierarchical levels is not limited. Each team member can mark their subtasks as completed, while the status of the parent task will not change.


  1. Depending on where you want to create a new subtask, open:
  1. Click on the +Task button on the app item's or file's side panel. If you are creating a subtask on a task page, this button will be displayed in the Subtasks section.
  2. Specify the name, the executor, and the deadline and click Save.

If you want to add other participants, give a detailed description of the task, or attach a file, click on the three dots next to the Deadline field. A window with all task settings will open.


The subtask will be created, and the executor will receive a notification in the activity stream. On the subtask page, the employee will see a link to the parent task, app item, or file, so they will be able to access the initial data if necessary.

The employee who set the subtask, as well as the author of the parent task, will be able to track the progress of the subtask or interrupt its execution in Assigned by me section.

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When the parent task is closed, all uncompleted subtasks remain active.

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Create a checklist

Apart from subtasks, you can create checklists. Checklists are not shown in My tasks, you can see them on the page of the parent task, app item, or file.

To add a new checklist item, do the same steps as for creating a subtask, but without specifying the executor and deadline. All you have to do is type in its name and either press Enter or click Save.

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To cross out a completed item, simply check its box.

To delete a checklist item, click the X icon on its right and confirm deleting.

You can convert it into a subtask so that it is shown in My tasks. To do that, click the pencil icon on its right. In the window that opens, you can specify the executors and deadlines for the subtask.


When you complete a task with an incomplete checklist, an alert will appear. The author of the task is assigned a control task where he or she can either close the task without completing the checklist or re-open it.

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