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Сonnectors define the order of activities and events in the process. Connectors' names improve the flow chart readability and correspond to the names of the transition buttons on task forms.

For example, the task Fill in leave request has two outgoing connectors: Send for Approval and End Process.


On the task form the transition buttons have the same names as the connectors:

connectors 1

To connect two elements, select one of them, and then hold down the left mouse button and draw a connecting line.

Connectors going out of a task or an event  

To open the connector settings, click on its shape in the process diagram. You can rename the connector, choose the color of the transition button, set up data validation or add a button click confirmation.

General tab

connectors 2

  • Name. We recommend giving a short and clear name since it will be displayed on the transition button on the task form.
  • Description. In this field, enter the text of the tooltip.

connectors 11

Transition Button tab

connectors 3

  • Transition button color. You might want to choose a green color for positive actions that change, send, or add information, and red color for negative actions such as canceling, deleting, blocking, etc. The default color of the button is white.

connectors 4

  • Validate task form data. If you select this option, ELMA365 will check if the required form fields are filled in when a user clicks on the transition button.
  • Confirmation. This option allows you to configure confirmation for sensitive or irreversible actions in the process. You can choose from the following options:
    • Confirmation Dialog Box. Select the dialog box size and enter the confirmation text. When somebody clicks on the transition button, a pop-up window will appear, allowing him or her to cancel the action or to confirm it. By default, the pop-up size is medium, but you can change it to small or big. connectors 12
    • Form. This option allows you to set up a more sophisticated confirmation form. For example, to ask a user to leave a comment before canceling a particular operation. To add new fields to the form, click the Configure form button.

connectors 5

In the tab that opens, on the left, you will see a list of the process context variables. Select a variable from the list or add a new one.

Connectors going out of a gateway/multiple instance task

In addition to the standard general settings, you can configure conditions for the connectors that go out of a gateway or a multiple instance task. The process will go down one path or another depending on the evaluation of the connector conditions.

connectors 7

Logical Operator is a logical operation that is used to evaluate several conditions. If a condition on the connector evaluates to True, then the process will continue down this connector:

  • AND. The result is True if both conditions are met;
  • OR. The result is True if at least one condition is fulfilled;
  • AND NOT. The result is True if at least one condition is not fulfilled;
  • OR NOT. The result is True if both conditions are not met.

Please note that the conditions are checked in the order they are listed in the connector settings.

Operand 1, 2 - in this field you specify a process context variable or a specific value.

Operation - here a comparison operator is specified to check a condition.

In multiple instance tasks, conditions are checked each time one of the executors completes the task.

If the conditions were not specified for the connectors that go out of a gateway or multiple instance tasks, you will see a warning at the bottom of the page when checking the process.


Example 1. Configuring a connector going out of a gateway


Example 2. Configuring a connector going out of a multiple instance task

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