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sign-elementIn a business process, the Sign element is used to give an employee a task to sign an app item, for example, a contract or a loan request. Please note that a certificate from one of the available encryption providers must be installed on the user's pc.

Before proceeding with the activity setup, you have to:

  • enable the module for encryption provider whose certificate will be used for signing
  • grant user the permission to sign the app item.


You can read more about using the digital signature in apps in the Digital signature in apps article.


Set up the Sign activity

Drag the Sign activity onto the process diagram and place it in the spot where you need the system to assign a user the task to sign an app item. Say, this is the stage of the "Contract Handling" process where the contract approval and signing takes place. So, we need to place the Sign activity after all the stages of approval.


Double-click on the activity shape to open its settings. There are two tabs on the settings page: General and Deadline


General tab




In the Name field, specify the task name.


In the Document Type field, select the variable that will store the app item to be signed.


In the Transition to take if signed field, select which process branch should be activated if the document is signed.


In the Transition to take, if not signed field, select which process branch should be activated if the document is not signed.

начало внимание

Please note that the Sign element requires at least two outgoing transitions, one – for signing and one to reject signing the app item.

конец внимание


Also, you can exit the task through escalation transition, for example, if the task was not done in a specified time.

Deadline tab

You can customize the deadlines for the task on this tab, specify the employees who will receive a notification if the executor does not meet the deadline, and determine whether to interrupt the task if it is not completed on time.


The other settings are configured in the same way as the standard task activity. After you specify all the settings, click Save.


Sign activity in the user interface

After the start of the published process, the user will receive the Sign task at a specific step. The task page is the same as the document view page except for additional Approve and Reject buttons.


If the user clicks the Approve button, the window of the certificate provider selection will pop up.



If the user clicks the Reject button, the warning and confirmation window will appear.

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