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Calendar events

The personal calendar displays all scheduled events of a user including those from app calendars.

A user can create simple and reoccurring events, edit and close them.

Create an event

There are two ways to create an event in a personal calendar:

  1. Double-click on a cell in the calendar
  2. Click on the +Event button in the top-right corner of the page.

calendar events 3

The event form opens. Fill out the fields:


  • Name*. Enter a name for your event;
  • Start date*, End date*. Enter a date or select if from the calendar calendar-events-3 . Set the exact time of needed;
  • Periodic. Check this option if you want the event to repeat on a regular basis and set the following parameters:  
    • Frequency. Select how often the event should repeat: on business days, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
    • End. Set the date that the periodic event should stop reoccurring. If you leave this field empty, the event will reoccur until you edit the page and set an end date;  
  • Participants*. The current user is added as a participants by default. To add another user, click chat_reports-7 and select a person from the list. All selected users will see the event in their personal calendars;
  • Place. Specify where the event will take place.

Click Save.

After that the event will be added to the calendar.

If you are trying to schedule your event in a time slot that has already been booked, ELMA365 will show you a warning message.

View event details

Select the event in the calendar and click on it. The event page opens.


Here you can review the event details and edit them by clicking Edit. You can also set up a reminder for this event: click +Reminder and set the time. You will then receive a notification to your activity stream  at the chosen time.

Reschedule an event

There are two ways to reschedule an event:

  1. Click Edit on the event page and change the dates manually.
  2. Drag the event to another cell in the calendar. The start and end dates will change automatically.


Event statuses

Event in personal calendars have two default statuses: Open and Closed. When the event is created, it is given the Open status. To change it, open the event page and click Close.

The event's status will change and the event itself will be crossed out from the calendar.

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