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Calendar events

The main use of the calendar is to conveniently display scheduled events.

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Only Administrators and users whose access permissions are not limited can create events in the calendar.

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Create an event

Before creating an event, set up its form to make sure the event page displays all the necessary information. As an example, let's configure the form of the event in the HR calendar.

Click the gear icon app gear icon on the toolbar or next to the calendar name.

calendar events 1.png

Select Form Settings. HR department staff will use this calendar to schedule interviews. To arrange an event, they will need such information as interview start and end dates, participants, phone numbers, email addresses. Let's add the relevant fields to the form and specify required which ones are required.

calendar events 2

Now you can start arranging the schedule. To create an event, select the day and click + Interview.

calendar events 3

The event form with the previously added fields opens. Fill them in as follows:

calendar events 4

The calendar with the scheduled events will look as follows:

calendar events 5

Sometimes an event lasts several hours. For example, a 90-minute interview. In the calendar, you can select a time slot for such events. Switch to the Day view and schedule an interview from 3.30 am to 5.00 pm by selecting an appropriate time slot.  

calendar events 6

If you are trying to schedule your event in a time slot that has already been booked, ELMA365 will show you a warning message.

View event details

After the schedule is arranged, the HR-specialist can open any event and view information on a view form.  For example, an interview is scheduled for April 30th at 4 p.m. The HR specialist wants to call the candidate and remind them about the meeting a few hours before the event. The candidate's phone number can be easily found on the event page, the HR specialist only needs to select the event in the calendar.

calendar events 7

Delete an event

You can easily remove the events created by mistake. To do this, open the event, click the gear icon calendar events 8 at the bottom of the page and select the Add the "Delete" button option. Now you can delete the event.

calendar events 9

If necessary, you can view the deleted events. To do so, click search in the search bar and select "Removed".

calendar events 10

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