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Adding External Users

When you finished setting up the portal and its pages, activate the named license package for external users. To get the package, contact the sales rep from whom you purchased the system.


After that, add and invite external users to the system.


To do this:


  1. Open the System Apps workspace.
  2. Go to the External Users page and click the +External User button in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. In the window that opens, specify the required user information. By default, only the Name field is required. All other fields can be filled in later.
  4. Click Save to complete the configuration.


  1. After adding the user, you need to generate an individual link that gives the user access to the portal pages. To do this, go to the portal page and click +Invite a new user.
  2. In the window that opens, select the user you created by clicking on the magnifying glass icon or add a new one.add-external-users-2
  • Without contact data confirmation. Select this option if you have specified the user’s email when adding the user to the portal. In this case, the user will not need to register to work with the portal. By opening the link, he or she will be taken to the login page.  If this option is disabled, the user will be asked to fill in the contact data.
  • Update the link created earlier. This option allows you to generate a new invitation link. The previous link will become invalid.


  1. After you have filled out the form, click the Get link button and send the invitation link to the user.


Portal Login


The link you have created in the previous step allows an external user to access the portal and its pages. If the user’s email hasn’t been specified earlier when adding the user to the portal, such a user will need to register.


The user follows the link and in the Registration window that opens enters his or her email address and then clicks the Send verification code button.


The code will be sent to the specified email. To complete registration, the user should enter the code in the confirmation window.


Next, the Invitation to the Portal window opens where the user needs to fill in his or her personal information and create a password.


If you have selected the Without contact data confirmation option when generating the invitation link, the user will be taken directly to the login window.


After logging in, the user will see the portal main page that you have configured earlier.

начало внимание

All new external users are automatically included into a separate system group and can participate in business processes.

конец внимание

By default, external users only have access to portal pages and the data displayed on them. You can also configure individual user access to the workspace where the portal was created. In addition, you can completely lock access to the portal for an external user if necessary.


Read more about it in the External Users article.


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