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System apps

You can find the pre-configured System apps workspace on the ELMA365 main page.

System apps act as a database that can be used for working in different workspaces in the system. The data is sorted into separate apps for convenience.

  • My legal entities. This app is designed to store the details of the legal entities of your company. It is convenient for creating agreements, working with deals, etc.
  • External users. This app stores the users to whom you want to grant access to work in the service portal of any workspace. Read more in the External users article.
  • Employees. This app can store additional information about the system users. For example, an employee’s Skype login, work schedule, office number, etc. To do this, add the necessary fields to the form. You can add an employee to the app manually if they are an Active user of the system. Also, an item in the app is created automatically if:

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The Employees app should be distinguished from the page in Company > Employees, which is informational and allows you to set tasks and send messages to colleagues.

Additional user data in the Employees app can be used in the development of business processes and solutions, in other workspaces of the system, as well as exported and imported as data from any built-in app.

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To add a new item, on the app page in the upper right corner click the button, for example, + Legal entity. Then fill in the fields on the item page and save the data.

Working with system apps is similar to working with a regular app. To add a new item, click + Item name, for example + Legal entity, and fill out the form.


The information stored in the system app item can now be used in other apps and business processes.

The set of properties in built-in apps is predefined. You can create new fields, for example, to supplement the form of the My legal entities app according to the details of your company.

Please note, that actions with system apps, as with any built-in apps, have some peculiarities and limitations, including when exporting them.

Standard workspace settings are available in System apps: you can add business processes, document templates, configure user groups, etc. To open the settings menu, click the gear icon next to the workspace name.


Please note that the export of the apps associated with the System apps has a few exceptions:

  • If you associate an app with a system app, you can export it without any limitations.
  • If you create a new system app and associate it with another app, a conflict will occur when exporting.

Read more in the Export an app article.

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