System settings / Email settings

Email settings

Enable sending emails on behalf of the system. This will allow you to set up email notifications in business processes.

To do that, go to Administrator > System Settings > Email Settings.

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Only users included in the Administrators group can manage email settings.

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Select one of the available services:

  • other. In this case, you can specify your own SMTP server. Check the Send from Reply-to address option, if you want the sender's address to be replaced with the reply-to address.

Once you have specified the mail service, enter the login. The login is the email address that ELMA365 will use to send out emails. In the password field enter the password to this email.


Please note that these mailing services require additional verification if it is not yet enabled:

The table below lists possible errors that may appear when checking the connection if additional verification is disabled.

Possible errors

Do not forget to test the connection. When you do that, a message for confirming your details will be sent to your email specified in your user profile, not to the address that you have entered as the login.

If the connection was successful, you will see a corresponding notification. If the system fails to establish the connection, you will also be notified.


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