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Email settings

Connect corporate email so that users can receive emails on behalf of the company about new tasks or business processes.

Please note, that sending invitations to new users and password recovery emails is configured separately.

You can configure the sending messages with any content in business processes using the Email Notification activity.

Moreover, in their profiles users can enable email notifications about new approval tasks and make it possible to approve and reject files directly from emails.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can manage email settings.

конец внимание 

To configure email settings, do the following:

  1. Go to Administration > System Settings > Email Settings.


  1. In the Service field, select one of the available mailing services:
  • Other. Enter the address of your SMTP server. . You can configure only one SMTP server at a tim. Specify the outgoing emails protocol parameters and the port to use: 25, 465, or 587. You can also enable additional options:
    • Send from Reply-to. Check this option when emails are sent in business processes using the Email Notification activity. The email address specified in the From field of the email will be the reply-to address specified in the activity settings. When you enable this option, the Default reply address field will appear below. Here you can specify the address that will be used if the reply address in the activity is not filled out. If you leave the field empty, the value of the Login* field below will be used by default.
    • Use TLS. Check this box if the mailing service transfers data via an encrypted connection.


  1. In the Login* field, specify the corporate email address that messages will be sent from. Then enter the password for this email.
  2. The,,, and mailing services require two-step authentication and an app password:

The table below lists possible errors that may appear when checking the connection if additional verification is disabled.

Possible errors

  1. Save the settings and make sure the connection has been successfully established. To do that, click Test Connection. Note that the message for confirming your details will be sent to the email specified in your user profile, not to the address that you have entered as the Login*.


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