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Connect an email account to a live chat

You can connect a live chat with an email account so that your email can become one of the channels you use to help your customers. Clients will write to your corporate email, and your customer support team will be able to respond to their requests right from the ELMA365 interface. Moreover, you will have access to the customer chat history in the system.

When you receive a new email, a new session appears in the Live Chats workspace. The email’s Subject is used as the session's name. You can also see the client’s name and email address. If the client has already written to your customer support before, the previous session reopens, and the new message is displayed within the same chat. To learn more, see Working in a live chat.

In live chats connected to emails operators can initate conversations with customers.

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Only the users included in the Administrators group can integrate an email box with a live chat.

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Connect an email

You can link one live chat with one email address. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration > Live Chats.
  2. Select a live chat from the list or create a new one by clicking +Live Chat in the top right corner.
  3. Open the Inbox tab.
  4. Click the Enable button in the center.
  5. Configure the settings in the Connect Inbox window.


  • Service*. Select the necessary email provider from the list: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or Office365.

If you're using an email with a corporate domain, choose Other and fill out the SMTP and IMAP settings.

The SMTP and IMAP server names are entered using dots. They are formed as follows: the protocol name, the domain or email service provider, the port. The connection security settings that the port number depends on are configured by the administrator who created the email.

    • SMTP settings:
      • SMTP server*. Specify the protocol parameters of the outgoing mail server and the port you’re using. You can use three SMTP ports: 25, 465, and 587. Example:
      • Use TLS. Check this box if the mail service transfers data via an encrypted connection.
    • IMAP settings:
      • IMAP server*. Specify the protocol parameters of the incoming mail server and the port you’re using. The commonly used IMAP ports are 143 and 993. Example:
      • Connection protection. Select the type of data encryption that the server uses. The options include NoSTARTTLS, and TLS.
  • Login*. Specify your email login.
  • Password*. Specify your email password.
  1. When you enter the login and password, the Test connection button appears. Make sure the connection with the server is established successfully.

Note that for some email services, you will need additional settings to grant the system access to your email. For example, to use Gmail, open your Google Account, click Security in the left-hand side menu, find the Signing in to Google section and click App passwords (2-Step Verification needs to be set up for your account). Enter your Google login and password. At the bottom of the page, click Select App and choose Other (Custom name). Enter the name (for example, ELMA365) and click Generate. Use the generated password in the Password field in the Account settings.

  1. Write a signature that will be added to your messages in the live chat. Customers will see it in the emails they receive. You can skip this step and change the signature later.
  1. Click Connect.

If the connection with the server is established successfully, the email is automatically connected to the live chat. In the live chat settings, on the Inbox tab you will see the name and the status of the inbox you linked to this live chat.


To unbind the live chat from the inbox, click the inbox-3 button next to its name. The connection status will change from Active to Interrupted. You can later connect the email to the live chat again by clicking this button.

To the right of the activation button, you can see additional options:

  • Click inbox-4 to open the connection settings. Here you can change the email address linked to the live chat or edit the signature used in your emails.
  • Click inbox-5 to delete the inbox connected to the live chat.


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